Our vineyards (about 5 hectares) extend all around the farmhouse, on the hill of Rodello, one of the areas suitable for the production of Dolcetto d'Alba. Located at about 400 meters above sea level, the vineyards have an excellent exposure to the west and south-west and enjoy the favorable microclimate of the Langhe: balanced humidity and protection from extreme summer phenomena.

Our vines thrive on a sandstone soil with marl veins that emerge at low depths: excellent soils for the production of wine grapes.



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The cultivation of the vine is traditional and most of the workings on the plant (pruning, bending, chopping, thinning) are still carried out manually and exclusively by our family. Harvesting is done manually with careful selection of the bunches and with the collection done in the boxes.

The oldest vines, about 60 years old, require great experience and considerable commitment in the processing: despite of limited productivity, however, they guarantee particular qualities.